Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dyno Day @ SHH.....Day 1 (30.01.09)

My RX8

Sazwi's RX8

Saiful@foo77's RX8

Other RX8s will be dyno today waiting for their dyno result...


Mazda RX7

The front cove rof the catalog.

The true spirit of rotary engine

RX7 as a true sports car.

The Interior

The Technologies...

The Specification......the engine can produced 150hp with 1.1cc


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Pictures of My RX8

Back to more bending front lips.

Spot the differents.......

Oil Cooler grill from RX8 Strakes.

Rear LED F1 Light.....(will flashing during braking)

LED F1 Brake Light Control Unit.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Parts for My RX8

Parcel arrived from US on 22/01/09.

Aluminium Front Rotary Accent.

Oil Cooler Grill.....(a must for RX8)

Under Engine Cover ordered from Mazda local agent.....(it's from Japan & cost me BND380)

Will post u the pictures of these parts installed soon.......


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

M2B Course Day3 (15.01.2009)

Rekrut Baru......

Get ready to sing a National Anthem.

After National Anthem.

From left......Marchhhhhhhh....

Ready to go for National Day...

Do some exercise....

The Game called "Naga"

Trying the game of "Gajah Buta".

One of the happy participant, Azlina.

Enter to the net..

Receiving a briefing from instructor before the game started.

Game of "Gajah Buta".....all participant must wear the eye mask.

Shirt given to the instructor.

"Minum" time....

Nor, Emad & Jeffry

Group Photo of M2B Course Participant with one of instructor, Hj Durajid Matussin.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

M2B Course Day2 (14.01.2009)

Dicussed among the group before presentation

JAIGRD won the round with the game called "Broken Square"

I did the Presentation

Hazrin did his presentation

Our Group try to recall the ethics of 'Perkhidmatan Awam'

JAIGRD on Show

In the theater room


Monday, January 19, 2009

M2B Course Day1 (13.01.2009)

Group 1: from Left to Right, Matali, Abd, Aziz, Myself, Azlina, Hj Wahab, Morni & Zafirah.

Group 2: L to R, Emily, Halim, Abd Rahman, Jeffry, Hidayat, Emad & Nor.

Group 3: L to R, Musa, Zainal, Danial (not in the picture), Salmi, Hjh Masitah, Daud & Hazrin.

Group 4: L to R, Rohaidah, Dxy, Iliya, Juwaidi, Hj Gafar & Ahmad (who took the picture)

My Group's Name, Logo & Flag

Group two's Name, Logo & Flag

Group 3's Name, Logo & Flag.

Group 4's Name, Logo & Flag.

My Group during the presentation......we sang a song....


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